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14K Solid Gold Set Intensely Radiant Round Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Basket Settings Stud Earrings. 635E14K

Product Descriptions

14K Solid Gold set with intensely Radiant Round Solitaire Diamond Veneer basket Settings Stud Earrings. Add a dash of style to your image with the 14K solid Gold set with Simulated Diamond - Diamond Veneer Stud Earrings. Featuring an elegant and classy Basket Settings pattern, these stud earrings are designed to deliver utmost grace to the wearer. They have a sophisticated design with ultra-modern appeal that enhances their overall look. These Giant friction Backings in Sterling silver(Rhodium) for 14K white gold earrings. For the yellow gold, we provide Gold field Giant Backing. Made in the USA.

✱PLEASE NOTE: - Discounts & Discount Codes do not apply to '14k' items. Please allow 1-3 weeks delivery.

$ 62.00