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    • 2 CT Intensely Radiant Round  Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia with Three Stone Miligree Vintage Engagement/Wedding Ring in Sterling Silver635R13846 - Diamond Veneer Jewelry Sale
    • $ 90.00 $ 160.00
      2 CT. Center Round (0.20 CT. Sides) Three Stones Intense simulated Diamond - Diamond Veneer Miligree Vintage style simulated engagement Ring, Simulated Diamond wedding Ring set in Sterling silver platinum Electroplated. 635R13846
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    • 1.25 CT. Intensely Radiant Round Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Classic Vintage Style Miligree Engagement/Wedding Sterling Silver Ring. 635R12826 - Diamond Veneer Jewelry Sale
    • $ 108.00 $ 180.00
      Showcase your unique taste of style in an elegant way with the 1.25 CT Round Classic Vintage Style Miligree Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring. Exuding timeless class and beauty, this ring is a perfect pick for savvy and fashionable women .It dazzles even in dim light and looks beautiful even from afar. The sterling silver platinum electroplates ensures protection from corrosion...
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    • 3.5CT Intensely Radiant Asscher Cut Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia with Halo Settings Set with Zirconite Half Moon Sides Sterling Silver Ring 635R71560 - Diamond Veneer Jewelry Sale
    • $ 165.00 $ 276.00
      3.5ct Diamond Veneer Asscher cut center w/halo settings set with zirconite half-moon sides sterling silver ring is a perfect ring for the charming lady who prefers exotic design – something different from the similar looking rings. The brilliant sheen and exceptional design of the Asscher cut ring will surely capture attention. The presence of premium-grade sterling silver platinum electroplate makes...
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