Discover why Diamond Veneer puts to shame the common CZ for it's genuine Diamond Feel and Look!

Why Buy Diamonds?

Are you a Woman of means, and always stayed away from wearing Cubic Zirconia jewelry? Because CZ is so white and looks so fake?

Well, Diamond Veneer solved that! Our revolutionary process of treating Cubic zirconia with a veneer of Carbon Diamond particles, crystallizing around the entire stone, which results in a flawless "G" color on the diamond color scale. This vaporization process under extreme heat and pressure conditions significantly increases (4-5 times) the fire, refraction, and durability of the CZ as a real Diamond at CZ price!

The main advantage of this Concept is that DIAMOND VENEER blurred the main differences between real Diamonds and the CZ, to a point of absolutely no recognition. The fact that the CZ is no longer white, now even professional jewelers lost their expert eye advantage recognizing DIAMOND VENEER as fakes! In effect, DIAMOND VENEER is the Bridge between CZ and real Diamonds.

Step aside CZ, this job is for Diamond Veneer!

"Is it Real, or is it Fake"? Diamond Veneer jewelry solves this important issue for well dressed women that can afford the Real Deal, but wear the Fake for Travel. Why? because DIAMOND VENEER is not very CZ White, but rather has the "G" color. This advantage fools even the Jewelry experts we meet at JCK Jewelry Trade Shows we exhibit at.

Cubic Zirconia is so Passé.

So, go ahead; wear the Diamond Veneer at ease. No more worries of being detected wearing fake jewelry by onlookers! It's a CZ on Steroids.

Diamond Veneer Coating Process utilizes an Eco friendly Green process without using Radiation or harsh chemicals.

How do you spell Diamonds at a Cubic Zirconia price? 
Diamond Veneer 
How do you spell luxury at an affordable price? 
Diamond Veneer
It's our dirty little secret!

If it Looks like a Diamond, Sparkles like a Diamond, it must be Diamond Veneer. 

To learn more about Diamond Color please click here

Diamond Veneer Tech Specs - Click on Documents below:




"7 reasons why not to buy Diamonds" - read the Huffington Post Article:


 Diamond Veneer Jewelry: Tooth Veneer, Wood Veneer and now Diamond Veneer? Is it for Real?


 March, 2017 – Looks like this Los Angeles based Company nailed this concept of coating

Carbon Diamonds onto Cubic Zirconia to a practical use.


"The main advantage of this Concept is the fact that DIAMOND VENEER blurred

the main differences between real Diamonds and the CZ, to a point of

absolute no recognition" says the Company founder, Yaacov Hassidim. "The

fact that the CZ is no longer white, now; even professional jewelers lost

their expert eye advantage recognizing DIAMOND VENEER as fakes!"


"This new revolutionary Coating concept allows women (and Man) to wear the

DIAMOND VENEER jewelry without worries of being detected as wearing fake!".

"It's a CZ on Steroids" he exclaims.


Yaacov mentions more practical advantages, such as mixing the DIAMOND VENEER

with Real jewelry. "Nobody would ever know" he continues. Travelers keep

their Real jewelry in the Safe and wear this ultimate Diamond Simulant.

As an Introductory Offer, we offer 50% off Sale. Enter code “TV” at Check-out,

to receive it.


Diamond Veneer Videos: NEW #EMMYS 2018!


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This is Anuj here, just wanted to know that the stones which you are selling like cubic zirconia with diamond you have the GIA certificate for this?. Thank you waiting for your reply

Hello Anuj,

There is no GIA certificate for the Diamond Veneer stones. Please see Lab Report above that tested the stones. It’s all technical #’s, Hope this answers your question.


What is proximate life expectancy with every day wear & tear of a ring with Diamond Veneer CZ. I understand, it is harder than general cz and won't go cloudy. How well will is survive trough an early rhodium plating of the ring process? Or it needs to removed or replaced? Thank you.



Hello Diana,

Since the Diamond Veneer is a CZ Based, it'll be effected w/direct hits on

hard surfaces w/tiny dents. As these dents accumulate, the stone gets dull
and need to be replaced every year or so. This doe'snt apply to pendants and
earrings. To clean, you simply clean under stone w/tooth brush, paste and
warm water.

Regarding the Rhodium plating: as it is a Plating, the body Acid slowly eats
through it and in time (depending on your body acidity) you may need to
re-plate it. Most of the time, the metal will get a bit dark and most people
don't mind it. Hope your questions were answered satisfactorily.


Q: When do you ship the items after I order from your Website.

A: We ship in 2-3 days after you place your order. We ship standard USPS and you shoul dreceive your items about 5 to 8 business days after placing your order. 


Q: Will Diamond Veneer Test "Positive" on Diamond Tester?

A: No. Test will show Negative. The Diamond Veneer Coating is in Nano scale.
As such, only NanoScop maybe able to detect the absolute thin Coating of the
Carbon Diamond. Any thicker Coating would render Stone darker in Appearance.


Q: Do you ship internationaly?

A: Yes, but with the following points:
-  payment via paypal only.
-  $30 shipping flat fee
-  Not able to accept Returns or Service products for Overseas clients


Reviews: What Industry Insiders say about Diamond Veneer:

Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda

Daisi Jo Pollard Sepulveda
Model, Actress & Business Woman
Daisi Pollard Sepulveda is an American model, international beauty queen, business woman, author and actress. In 2005, she was crowned Miss Jamaica International, which led her to compete on a larger scale as the first Jamaican candidate in history to compete in the Miss Earth 2005, Miss Asia Pacific 2005, and Miss Beauty Queen World 2005, and is the only known candidate to hold three different national titles throughout a single pageant career. Daisi turned competing in pageants into a full fledged career which includes multiple business ventures, public speaking engagements, books, and appearances in film and television. ....  Click here to read on



Dimaond veneer- Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Margi Blash
LA Red Carpet Examiner
A few months ago I was introduced to Diamond Veneer. With their tagline of ‘why buy diamonds’ I was intrigued...
We all know the saying of ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ but not everyone can afford them. So there’s Cubic Zirconia on the market. There’s some good and some awful one’s out there. But Diamond Veneer has a process of treating the CZ’s with a veneer of carbon diamond particles crystalizing around the entire stone resulting in a flawless ‘G’ color in the diamond color scale. Looking at them they sparkle and really have that wow impact...  Click here to read on



Fast smooth transaction exactly what was described and quick shipment 

 from Amazon client


Seller has described item very well, and received item does match with description. Arrived on time and no problem. 

  from Amazon client


Although using a voice mail system that is somewhat different company got back to me the same day. Due to some confusion on my part it took a bit of work but customer service got everything worked out to my satisfaction. Product as described. And well worth the price. 

  from Amazon client


This was the part of the order that caused confusion on my part. Customer Service was responsive and helpful, eliminating my confusion and getting me on the right path to get what I wanted. Please note that I purchased multiple items from this seller at the same time. 

  from Amazon client


Wow what a stunning ring the color and quality is amazing...a statement piece I intend to wear when I don’t wear my real diamond rings..(hey know one would know anyway) sweet little gift to my self


I'm sorry I didn't get back to you. I will buy the other stone very soon. I need to put more money in my account after my grandmother's accountant reimburses me.

Thankyou thankyou. I'll be spreading the name around too.

Dear Michael,

I am anxious to know if you are happy with the stone Cut and Quality.



I had talked to you a while back about two stones that would match my grandmother's diamond. I was wondering if they came in from the factory yet?   No rush, just wondering.


I received my ring today. I truly think you have a great product here. I am a wedding photographer and see diamonds all the time. I think your diamonds are there with them. I can't stop looking at the ring.


 Danielle, TX


I placed 3 orders; received two today; love them!

Ana, HI


 Thank you for your advice and generosity! I am truly impressed with you and your company's
genuine care and concern for your customers and pride in your quality of jewelry!
It has been a pleasure, Yaacov. Thank you so much for all of your assistance and timely correspondence

Mary Jo, OH


I checked out the website and fell in love with a few rings, more my range - They are exquisite! 


  • These are so nice! I am not really big on jewelry so having something that's a "real" diamond doesn't matter to me much. I like to keep it simple :) 

  • I love sparkly jewelry also--the very fact that you could not get a great pic says it all--they sparkle!!

  • These are beautiful! I will be ordering before the discount coupon expires! Checking my Christmas list and making notes of items wanted

  • Those are just gorgeous! I so want one!

  • ----------

  • Those are gorgeous!!!! 

  • ----------

  • Those are so pretty! I love diamond stud earrings, They are so timeless and chic and go with pretty much any outfit!

  • ----------

  • Those earrings are gorgeous!

  • ----------

  • These are gorgeous! I would never have guessed they weren't genuine!

  • ----------

  • The designs are simply the BOLD and the BEAUTIFUL !!! The turning point of the page will always give the same result throughout each year with each visit. These earrings are truly built as evergreen for any seasons and for every occasion. No doubt with its ultra look…

  • Celebrities wearing Diamond Veneer:


Stephanie Beacham                               Leann Hunley                                      Eric Roberts
Vincent De Paul hosted the 2015 Producers Guild of America OSCAR PARTY and Elizabeth Webster wears Diamond Veneer necklace.
2015 Oscar Party: Nan Yin, Sue Wong, Vincent De Paul, Elizabeth Webster with Diamond Veneer Necklace

Also wearing Diamond Veneer:

1. Blanca Blanco took necklace and tennis bracelet, she wore it on red carpet,

2. Felicity Huffman, who was a presenter and is really famous from part in Desperate Housewives, took a bracelet and paire of earrings

3. Beryl Presott from the walking dead took a bracelet

4. Joni Bovill from Bosch was gifted as well

5. Deana wife of actor Michael Beansley, took earrings and necklace and wore on Golden Globe red carpet

6. Christina Simpkins actress from The Green Book, and wife of producer of that film took a bracelet

7. Yvette Yates wife of producer of the Spike lee film took a gift 

8. Viola Davis, took a necklace (star of film widows and Tv show How to get away with murder)

9. Alex Borstein nominee was also gifted

So were Lisa Raye Mc lay and Nicole Shipley


Celebrating our Founder's Birthday:
 Diamond Veneer - Founder Jacob Hassidim's Birtheday

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