How This ‘Nano Diamond’ Discovery Is Disrupting the $25.4 Billion Luxury Jewelry Industry!.


Keep reading to find out how you can flaunt the brilliant “G” color of a diamond—at only a fraction of its price!

A new diamond alternative from Los Angeles is making waves in the market and women are going crazy!

Diamond Veneer engineered this solution, out of necessity.

“You have flawless pieces, high color and you have that brilliance of a diamond. It’s amazing. This Diamond Veneer has all of that and then some.” —  Shawn O'Sullivan  Renowned Gemologist, GIA (G.G.).

Well dressed women were looking for something that gives off the exact same sparkle, fire and depth of a diamond… yet it can be safely worn in public or on vacation w/out worries of loosing it.

Why Most Diamond Imitations Today Look Fake From a Mile!

imitations like moissanite which is heavy and sparkly… but also costs over half a thousand dollars per carat. It also gives off too much of a ‘rainbow fire’ for a diamond imitation—which is a dead giveaway it’s not the real thing!

Then there’s the common Cubic Zirconia at the lower end, CZs come either too white and cloudy… looking cheap and tacky even to the untrained eye and making you look like you’re wearing a chunk of glass.

On the other hand, high-end CZs are too white and flawless tipping off everyone around you you’re a woman who’s wearing a Fake!

Seeing the poor choice women have today, Diamond Veneer set out to create the ultimate diamond alternative.

Using the latest in nanotechnology, they invented a gem that looks like a diamond, sparkles like a diamond and even has genuine carbon diamond… but costs like nothing you’d pay for the real thing.

The result: An alternative called Diamond Veneer that is virtually undetectable, has a perfect ‘G’ color and a diamond-like fire and depth that dazzles, shines and catches everyone’s eye!

Introducing Diamond Veneer: The Only Affordable Diamond Replacement Made With Real Diamond

There’s a reason why thousands of women go for a Diamond Veneer for their everyday wear.

It’s a unique gem with absolute quality Cubic Zirconia heart on the inside… and the timeless dazzle, clarity, and nearly flawless ‘G’ color of a diamond on the outside!

Even in natural daylight, Diamond Veneer will shine and draw compliments from people hypnotized by its dancing sparkle!

And the best thing about it? It comes at an unbeatable price that doesn’t require you or your SO to go into debt to enjoy the sparkle of diamonds.

How a Diamond Veneer is Born

A Diamond Veneer is made just like the Universe was made.

It all happens as one ‘Big Bang’... putting the Cubic Zirconia under extreme heat and conditions and then bombarding it with nanoparticles of shiny diamond brilliance.

This process results in a thin veneer of Carbon Diamond, crystallizing around the entire stone as a nano-level film that looks just like a ‘G’ color diamond.“ Hence Gem's name: Diamond Veneer.

In CZ you don’t want it to be "D" color. You want the "G" so it fools anybody, including professional Jewelers!

This sustainable vaporization process increases the fire, refraction, and durability of the CZ, 4-5X times… acting like a real Diamond at a CZ price!

As the final touch, this beautiful gem gets mounted on an all sterling silver base richly covered with platinum or rhodium… waiting for its new owner.

What Makes Diamond Veneer So Special?

Diamond Veneer solves a dilemma for women who can afford the real Diamond, but can’t afford to lose it in public or on vacation.

It blurs the lines between real diamonds and CZ to a point of absolutely no recognition. This even fooled the jewelry experts at the JCK Jewelry Trade Shows.

“You have flawless pieces, high color and Now you can go out in the world with the ultimate peace of mind and the classy, elegant look only a diamond can give.

Diamond Veneer is perfect for vacations, formal events, or just a night on the town and makes for brilliant cocktail jewelry. (Compliments on speed dial!)

Pamper yourself with a piece that complements a casual outfit as much as a formal one.

And unlike regular CZ, it doesn’t look like rhinestones or cheap-looking glass beads which scream “Fake, fake, fake!.

Plus there are also the ethical reasons. Since it’s lab-made, Diamond Veneer helps you say NO to the ‘blood diamond’ industry… without depriving you of the magnificent sparkle of the real thing!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I have lovely diamonds. However, your diamond veneer jewelry is so stunning I wear it more and get more compliments than on my real pieces.”—Judith L., Verified Buyer

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Diamond Veneer is her BFF… because you can get so many of them at a reasonable price!

From brilliant dainty bracelets to adorn your hands…

Intensely sparkling earring studs you won’t be afraid of losing…

To elegant necklaces that shine from across the room… and dazzling rings full of luster and fire that make you wish you knew about them before the engagement…

Diamond Veneer comes in many shapes and sizes to spoil you with choice. Each piece comes with a certificate and an elegant, classy box you can store it in.

They’re Also Covered by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

As a testament to the confidence in their jewelry, Diamond Veneer guarantees your satisfaction with a 30 day money-back guarantee that’s unbreakable as diamond!

And if diamonds are forever, so is your Diamond Veneer… because by ordering any of our pieces you receive a Lifetime Warranty on the stone itself.

Now anyone can try the luxurious look of diamonds with zero risk!

Save With the Special One-Time Reader Only Discount

If you’re in love with that extravagant bling and fire only a diamond can give…

But hate settling for an inferior alternative you can spot from a mile away…

Or you just don’t feel comfortable wearing precious jewelry in your daily wear…

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Join The Thousands of Women Obsessed With the Classy, Elegant Look of Diamond Veneer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I love this ring for travel or for work. It looks so much more expensive than it is!” – Maia D., Verified Buyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I was very surprised how lovely it was as I opened the ring box! So shiny! Worth the price, and then some. It looks like an expensive engagement ring!”– Janeane B., Verified Buyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I wear these earrings quite often and have gotten many compliments! I am able to wear them to work and have taken them when I went on vacation in addition to wearing to evening events!” – Virginia S., Verified Buyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“I gave it to my daughter in law and it looks so beautiful on her. Thanks for putting out gorgeous jewelry that I can afford.” – Susie E., Verified Buyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Beautiful ring. The veneer definitely gives the stone a more authentic look. It eliminates the white cast problem of most CZs, even in direct sunlight.” – Renee I., Verified Buyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“This necklace is gorgeous and stunning, it compliments my engagement ring. It looks expensive and high quality, priced just right too.” – Dawn C., Verified Buyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“Beautiful ring, wife was really surprised and thought it was the real thing; I had to break the news to her. It looked so good, the stone.” – Ron B., Verified Buyer

Important: Please Check Availability Before Ordering

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