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One of the most exciting times every year for TV fans and celebs alike is Emmy Award Season. There’s anticipation in the air as everyone wonders which of their favorite stars will go home with the coveted trophies. Another reason it’s fun for the stars, whether they’re nominated or not, is that they go to glorious gifting suites that take place the week before the Emmys, where they get showered with the newest, most awesome products, clothes and accessories.  What could be more fun than going to a fabulous restaurant and getting fabulous gifts to take home!

If there was an award for “Best Gifting Suite” – it would surely go to Doris Bergman’s Ninth Annual Style Lounge and Party. Her elegant and congenial affair was held Thursday, Sept 13, 2018 at the newly renovated Fig & Olive restaurant on Melrose Place. This Hollywood favorite offered a scrumptious lunch and divine libations for the VIP and celebrity guests, as they joined in the celebration of the season, getting ready for the 70thAnnual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Diamond Veneer showed off their glamorous collection of cubic zirconia jewelry that's coated with a veneer of carbon diamond particles resulting in a "flawless 'G' color on the diamond scale." The perfect travel companion allows you to leave behind your expensive jewelry and travel worry-free with your new bling.

Diamond Veneer offered bling that looked like real diamonds. This jewelry line is “sparkle-licious” whether you’re someone on a budget or a millionaire who wants to travel without needing a security guard! They presented all kinds of dazzling rings, pendants and bracelets that any woman would be thrilled to wear.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend…. but Diamond Veneer is a “traveling girl’s” best friend!

Diamond Veneer - As someone who doesn’t trust diamonds that are under seventy-years-old because I can’t guarantee that they’re non-conflict ones, I was especially happy to learn of this new process in diamond alternatives. And their display added a touch of sparkle to the event. They were gifting their blinged-out pens, which are perfect gifts for writers such as Nina and me. I can’t wait to whip mine out at the next media conference!

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