Hollywood Celebrities endorse Diamond Veneer Travel Jewelry

A few months ago I was introduced to Diamond Veneer. With their tagline of ‘why buy diamonds’ I was intrigued...
We all know the saying of ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ but not everyone can afford them. So there’s Cubic Zirconia on the market. There’s some good and some awful one’s out there. But Diamond Veneer has a process of treating the CZ’s with a veneer of carbon diamond particles crystalizing around the entire stone resulting in a flawless ‘G’ color in the diamond color scale. Looking at them they sparkle and really have that wow impact. In their collection they have rings, earrings, necklaces and even loose stones you can make something of your own if you don’t find something you like. So why would you want a fake diamond?
Well, I can give a few examples. When I was a teenager for graduation I received a pair of ‘real’ diamond earrings and they were beautiful but I was always so worried about wearing them and then taking them to college worried someone might steal them. And also, traveling as a single woman I would wear a fake wedding ring to help deter some conversations. Nowadays when it comes to engagement rings there are no rules. We’re seeing all types of rings with unique stones like sapphires and ruby’s. And if you are really in love you’ll take a cracker jack ring so this could be an option for someone who doesn’t care if it’s a real diamond or not. My only reservation is the size of these ‘stones’. They are very large and it’s hard to tell how big they actually are on the website. So let’s be honest…if you aren’t making at least 6 figures…no one is going to believe you are wearing a ‘real’ 5 karat ring. And if you are telling them it’s real, don’t be surprised if they expect you to pick up the check at your next meal out. As for the quality of the ring, I put their eternity ring next to another CZ ring and it really stands out with a brilliance shine. But the actually ring feels a little cheap so if you really want to impress maybe look into putting in a 24k gold setting. You’ll still spend a fraction of the cost of what another ring would cost. A majority of the pieces run around $100-$300. As for the earrings and necklaces I was very impressed with the quality and shine. I wore them around my little one and never had a problem with the chain breaking, even as she pulled on it and the earrings didn’t turn my ears green. Which is always a good sign of quality. Now, some people would never accept anything but a diamond but for those who don’t mind this is a good option. I would suggest though going with a smaller stone so it doesn’t look at obvious that it’s not a really diamond. Overall, real or fake is a personal decision. And if you really are looking to wow and bling but can’t afford the real thing Diamond Veneer is a great option to feel like a million bucks without actually spending it.
For more information visit www.DiamondVeneer.com or to watch this review. Check it out!

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