Should I buy a diamond or cubic zirconium engagement ring?.

Should I buy a diamond or cubic zirconium engagement ring?

Imagine you are strolling down the lane holding the hands of your partner and painting the town red with your love. And then the most awaited scenario that you always have desired is going down to the knees and proposing with a beautiful eternity band ring. At Diamond Veneer, we have endless possibilities of engagement rings, earnings, and other exquisite jewelry collections which you can't resist diving deep into.

Talking about the ring's possibilities, we have comprised the best engagement ring for your loved one, with the finest product, i.e., premium quality stone rings in cubic zirconium. In this blog, you will know whether you should opt for a diamond or go with a CZ engagement ring.

  • Budget-Friendly 
  • Suppose you are looking for an affordable ring that outstands in quality and durability. With cubic zirconium, you can have the best fake diamond eternity ring, which is no less than the real diamond. Cubic zirconium is less expensive than actual diamonds, so when it comes to pricing and affordability, CZ is the best choice you can opt for instead of spending huge bucks. 

  •  Easy to carry and maintain 
  • CZ rings are very easy to carry because of its lightweight and effortless maintenance factor. While cleaning the CZ rings, you can follow the same procedure you apply with other rings. In a similar manner, you may visit the expert just once a year for better maintenance.

  • Glow like the real diamond 
  •  We always fall for the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. But do you know cubic zirconium has a higher dispersion? That makes it hard to find which is the actual diamond. CZ acquired many of the characteristics in terms of dispersion, density, and hardness which makes it a good choice for picking a stunning engagement ring. 

  • Created with high technology 
  • Cubic zirconium is a gemstone manufactured in labs and looks exactly like a real diamond. Our CZ jewelry is passed through with an eco-friendly green process that does not include any harsh chemicals and radiation. We have followed the process which crystallizes every side of the stone and gives a “G” color on the diamond color scale. With such a high-tech process, CZ rings are no less than real diamonds.

  • Composed with perfect design 
  • A diamond rarely comes with flawless design or cuts, but when it comes to cubic zirconium, it is inherently flawless. Also, the CZ is less prone to scratches and blemishes, which helps to give it a nice sparkling diamond look.


    To conclude


    Be it a flashy diamond or flawless cubic zirconium, when discovering the eternity band for your partner what counts most is the love you have for your partner. Moreover, if you're searching for the cheapest jewelry online, we have a range that consists of beautiful shapes and designs. At Diamond Veneer, we also offer personal accessories like travel jewelry, earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc.

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