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Radiant 18CT TW Square Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings. 830E1030

Radiant 18CT TW Square Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings. 830E1030

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Radiant 18CT TW (12X12MM) Square Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Drop Earrings

Meticulously handcrafted in fine sterling silver and electroplated with rhodium (Platinum), the Radiant 18CT TW Square Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Drop Earrings are inspired by the brilliance of high-quality diamonds. These sterling silver drop earrings are designed to make a statement, capturing the essence of luxury and elegance in every detail.

Expertly handcrafted in fine sterling silver, these drop earrings feature 18CT TW (12x12MM) square Diamond Veneer cubic zirconia stones. Known as 8A CZ quality, these fake diamond cubic zirconia stones are hand-cut with 30% extra depth and ultra-radiant diamond-like cuts, resulting in superior light dispersion and a fiery diamond-like appearance. They are electroplated with rhodium for a Look-of-Real finish, ensuring both durability and an exquisite shine.

Ideal for
These stunning drop earrings are perfect for formal occasions, adding a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfit. Whether worn at a gala, wedding, or elegant dinner, their radiant sparkle and luxurious design make them a versatile and timeless addition to any jewelry collection. Available in Clear or Canary Yellow, they cater to diverse style preferences.

Specifications / Key Features

  • Material: Sterling Silver
  • Gemstone Details: 18CT TW (12x12MM) square Diamond Veneer cubic zirconia
  • Stone Color: Available in Clear or Canary Yellow
  • Design: Radiant square drop earrings
  • Plating Finish: Rhodium or Gold, for a Look-of-Real finish and added durability

Care Instructions: How to maintain and clean the jewelry

  • Cleaning: Gently wipe the earrings with a soft cloth after each use to remove oils and residues.
  • Storage: Store the earrings in a jewelry box or pouch to prevent scratches and contact with other jewelry pieces.
  • Avoid Exposure: Keep away from harsh chemicals, perfumes, and lotions to maintain their shine and prevent tarnishing.
  • Periodic Maintenance: Occasionally polish with a jewelry cleaning cloth to restore their sparkle. For a deeper clean, use a mild soap and water solution, then dry thoroughly.

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Diamond Veneer Cubic Zirconia Jewelry is the finest in the world.

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    A special coating of real carbon diamond is applied to all our jewels.


    Our veneer finish adds a unique shine enhancement, sparkling up your CZ gems to a new level.


    Expertly crafted by experienced jewelers with years of experience designing the very finest jewelry.


    Shop knowing your purchase is backed by a 30 day guarantee. In case you're unsatisfied we'll be happy to offer a refund.


    While standards CZs can easily be spotted by their brilliant white color, Diamond Veneer is unrecognizable. No one will ever know it isn't the real thing.


    Keep your gems safe while travelling, and keep your money safe, with affordable pricing and our satisfaction guarantee.

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