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Panther Zirconite Cubic Zirconia hinged Bangle Bracelet. 815B200

$ 120.00$ 200.00
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zirconmania fashion jewelry

Panther Zirconite Cubic Zirconia hinged Bangle Bracelet. 815B200

$ 120.00$ 200.00
$ 120.00$ 200.00
Panther Zirconite Cubic Zirconia Hinged Bangle Bracelet

Panther Zirconite Cubic Zirconia Hinged Bangle Bracelet

Introducing the Panther Zirconite Cubic Zirconia Hinged Bangle Bracelet, a stunning piece that exudes elegance and sophistication. This exquisite bracelet features precision machine-set pave Zirconite cubic zirconia stones, meticulously arranged to create a breathtaking sparkle.

Crafted from fine brass with precision workmanship, this bangle bracelet is a testament to attention to detail. The workmanship signature is reserved only for the finest jewelry, ensuring a perfect finish that is second to none. The gallery-perfect finish beneath the ring adds an extra touch of luxury.

Designed to fit small to regular-sized wrists, this bangle bracelet is versatile and comfortable to wear. Whether you're attending a formal event or adding a touch of glamour to your everyday look, this bracelet is sure to turn heads.

Please note that the ring pictured is not included with the bracelet.

Technical Specs:

  • Material: Fine Brass
  • Stone Type: Zirconite Cubic Zirconia
  • Stone Setting: Precision Machine Set Pave
  • Wrist Size: Small to Regular
  • Finish: Gallery Perfect

Answers to Common Questions:

  1. Does cubic zirconia rust?
    Cubic zirconia does not rust. It is a synthetic gemstone made from zirconium dioxide and is highly resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing.
  2. Which is better, bangle or bracelet?
    The choice between a bangle and a bracelet depends on personal preference and the desired look. Bangles are typically rigid and do not have a clasp, while bracelets are flexible and can have a clasp. Both can be equally stylish and versatile.
  3. Can you wear cubic zirconia every day?
    Yes, cubic zirconia is durable and can be worn every day. It is resistant to scratches and chips, making it suitable for daily wear. However, it is important to care for cubic zirconia jewelry properly to maintain its brilliance and shine.

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