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This is Anuj here, just wanted to know that the stones which you are selling like cubic zirconia with diamond you have the GIA certificate for this?. Thank you waiting for your reply

Hello Anuj,

There is no GIA certificate for the Diamond Veneer stones. Please see Lab Report above that tested the stones. It’s all technical #’s, Hope this answers your question.


What is proximate life expectancy with every day wear & tear of a ring with Diamond Veneer CZ. I understand, it is harder than general cz and won't go cloudy. How well will is survive trough an early rhodium plating of the ring process? Or it needs to removed or replaced? Thank you.



Hello Diana,

Since the Diamond Veneer is a CZ Based, it'll be effected w/direct hits on hard surfaces w/tiny dents. As these dents accumulate, the stone gets dull and need to be replaced every year or so. This doesn't apply to pendants and earrings. To clean, you simply clean under stone w/tooth brush, paste and warm water.

Regarding the Rhodium plating: as it is a Plating, the body Acid slowly eats through it and in time (depending on your body acidity) you may need to re-plate it. Most of the time, the metal will get a bit dark and most people don't mind it. Hope your questions were answered satisfactorily.


Q: When do you ship the items after I order from your Website.

A: We ship in 2-3 days after you place your order. We ship standard USPS and you shoul dreceive your items about 5 to 8 business days after placing your order. 


Q: Will Diamond Veneer Test "Positive" on Diamond Tester?

A: No. Test will show Negative. The Diamond Veneer Coating is in Nano scale.
As such, only NanoScop maybe able to detect the absolute thin Coating of the
Carbon Diamond. Any thicker Coating would render Stone darker in Appearance.


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, but with the following points:
-  payment via Paypal only.
-  $30 shipping flat fee
-  Not able to accept Returns or Service products for Overseas clients